Programs for your health brands

“Fitness is a cultured way of life, it is the FOUNDATION essential for healthy living and determines longevity. NUTRITION is the building blocks that determine how the building (your body) will look like eventually. Get better building materials (Nutrition) so the building won’t collapse easily.” – Beatrice Ereziwosa

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Program #1

Fresh Start Consultation
  • The Most Effective Way To Get Specific health niche backlinks

    Be my guest, and submit your selected URL link for the assessment for any of my featured sites.

  • Step-By-Step SITE ANALYSIS

    Compare both sites to see if they share similar interests, if Yes, that’s a PLUS


    Construct a paragraph with your keyword on the blog with the link to be ranked, after your review, it will be published. Then we go-ahead to have it published in a Press Release for your audience.


    Discuss possibilities for your brand’s URL and how it would benefit both parties.

    N.B – This is done CORRECTLY as it’s carefully done by an SEO expert with the goal to increase your rankings on Google without penalties.

Program #2

Personal Transformation Plan
    • create your own backlinks on one of my featured sites

      Be a contributor, create your own posts on any of my featured sites for your brand boosting.


      If your brand belongs to any of these niches (Health, Fitness, Yoga & Nutrition) you will need this.


      Submit your well-written article properly linked (Not to SPAM) Total links per article is 3 – 5 links (no more).

    • Free bits of ADVICES

      Discuss possibilities for your brand’s URL and how it would benefit both parties. (If you intend to sell a product this will be discussed)

      N.B – My ultimate goal is to increase your rankings on Google without penalties.

Program #3

Personal Transformation Plan

      I can write a press release for your brand and have it published on relevant sites.

    • MORE SITES – Paid SYNdication of press release

      Can syndicate your press release on 200 – 500 sites across the globe.

    • SUBMIT YOUR Press release or should I write one for you?

      If you have one I can publish it to a relevant site pertaining to your niche (education, health, sports, tech, entertainment, and more) OR I can carefully write one for your brand and publish it as well.

    • LET’s TALK. HOW MANY SITES? 200 or 500 plus?

      Discuss the total number of sites where you want to publish your press release. I will provide you with the details when it’s time. Prices vary ranging from 200 URL links to 500+ URL links.

      N.B – This is not one price for all, the price tag here is for 200 syndications.

Program #4

Personal Branding Plan
  • Personal Discovery

    For you or your brand and how you’d want to be perceived in the global space.


    Want to be on Fox affiliates, SNN news, and other relevant news platforms. Let’s have a conversation.


    Who are your customers and what are you offering to them? Where can you find them to get your services?

  • Online Consultations

    Let’s talk about you or your brand being the next big THING!! We’ll also discuss where you’d be featured.

Testimonials for Beatrice Sargin

This is the program that really helped me streamline my health. Through education, support and the BEST nutritional aids on the market, my health went from good to GREAT.

Erica Powell, 32, New York

When I met Beatrice, my top three goals were to lose weight, get healthy, and walk without pain. Beatrice opened my eyes to the way of healthy living by educating. Thank you.

Mary Austin, 42, New York

I consider Beatrice an expert in food and everything else to live a healthy life! I was looking for knowledge in eating healthier and advice on how to live a more balanced healthy lifestyle.

Lily Porter, 38, New York
Beatrice Sargin Ereziwosa
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