Unofficial Bio

Hey, I’m Beatrice—pronounced BEE + UH + TRIS—an enthusiastic young adult fantasy author. I’m not just a young adult fantasy author; I’m the kid who turned doodles into stories. Back in the day, I’d craft makeshift books by drawing and cutting pictures, weaving stories that I couldn’t wait to share. Fast forward, I dived into blog writing, and after graduating, I freelanced as a ghostwriter for young adult fantasies. The critiques I faced only fueled my growth.

In 2014, I took the plunge into ebook writing and embraced the challenge head-on. Transitioning from the shadows, I thought, “Why not be Me?” So, I stepped out from the shadows of ghostwriting and into the spotlight of being me. Fantasy writing isn’t my only forte; you’ll catch me exploring health, nutrition, penning poems, and delving into public relations on my blog – my blog’s a mixed bag. While my blog touches on health, nutrition, poems, and PR, fantasy remains my true love. It’s been a thrilling journey, doing what I love authentically. I’m also a fervent devotee of strawberries, relishing its sweetness and bright color every time I eat them.

Interestingly, everyone who knew me as a kid predicted I’d be writing books someday. Now, here I am, working on captivating fantasy projects. When I’m not lost in fantasy worlds, catch me researching, watching movies, or dancing—always cooking up new adventures! The journey of doing what I love as myself has been nothing short of amazing.

Beatrice Sargin Ereziwosa
Beatrice Sargin Ereziwosa
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