World PR Day is Today July 16th, 2022. Every year this day has been chosen to celebrate Public Relations as a career. This year’s theme for world PR day is Trust, Truth & Transparency. There are lots of amazing activities to make this day memorable. Our brand has told her story on LinkedIn today. Just in case Public Relations and Marketing/Advertising are not the same. I get lots of clients wanting me to advertise their brands for them and I get to tell them this is not PR. They usually say it the same, so I do my best to tell them the difference. PR is more of word-of-mouth and covers a lot to maintain a brand’s identity down to crisis management and lots more. Advertising is not the same. This is through having this conversation but I like doing my job well. I love answering one question 100times daily if that helps people to understand PR better.

As part of my own contribution, I will be contributing to the PR Bible and also try to enlighten business owners on the difference between PR and Advertising through articles, especially on the LinkedIn platform.

Public Relations has been an adventure, you have to be on the lookout always to stay up to date. Today I stumbled upon this amazing site WPRD and am happy I did. Sharing is caring, am a Nigerian, and learning to survive is already adaptive for me. If teaching people about Public Relations is what gives me peace, am so happy to share my experience.

So I am happy to be a part of a source that gives information. Information is light and it not only keeps but it preserves. It’s better to know and take cautious steps that to assume and waste the little resources you’re building.

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Beatrice Sargin Ereziwosa
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